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Car hop Luna 2 by jay156
Dream Warden by llIusion
An Old Family Squabble by HamPony by HamPony
Commission: Christmas Princesses by jay156
(MLP) Rarity x Spike Cosplay by KrazyKari
(MLP) Maid Rarity Cosplay from BronyCon 2016 by KrazyKari
(MLP) Santa Themed Rarity Cosplay by KrazyKari
(MLP) Maid Rarity Cosplay by KrazyKari
Stuck Imprisoned and Paralyzed by Duna364
Cold Lunar Night by Duna364
Lunar Lunacy by Duna364
Luna's Strut by GPro587
Nightmare Alley
Your Empress (Yatonokami) by GPro587
Nightmare by GPro587
It's Too Bright! by GPro587
Nightmares will Rule by GPro587
Rarity or Luna plus...
Sisters of the Sun and Moon by GPro587
The Princesses' New Year by GPro587
Mossy Rune and Princess Luna by CherryGore-PS
There can only be one princess in equestria.... by Pinkiamena
Writing and Comics
Burn it Down by Duna364
You Are So Pretty, Darling by KnightMoonlight98
Luna + Absol by Akumu2200

Mature Content

Two Player by Duna364
Kiss by Duna364

Mature Content

[Anthro] Duna by Duna364
Pony Spectrum
Try Light Thrice by QwixLochflow
Fluttershy by Duna364
Shot in the Hart by Duna364
[Art Trade] Starflight by Duna364

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MidnightDreamsOverlord VIP by illumnious MidnightDreamsOverlord VIP :iconillumnious:illumnious 126 8 Royal Portrait by Graffegruam Royal Portrait :icongraffegruam:Graffegruam 333 16 Crystal Pony: Princess Luna by ElkaArt Crystal Pony: Princess Luna :iconelkaart:ElkaArt 739 29 Bloom of the Moon's light by DarkFlame75 Bloom of the Moon's light :icondarkflame75:DarkFlame75 2,421 187 Luna - Princess of Night by ElkaArt Luna - Princess of Night :iconelkaart:ElkaArt 849 38 Stay Away From Me by Game-BeatX14 Stay Away From Me :icongame-beatx14:Game-BeatX14 571 20 Dear Luna by 1Jaz Dear Luna :icon1jaz:1Jaz 440 34 Luna - princess of the night by Evomanaphy Luna - princess of the night :iconevomanaphy:Evomanaphy 306 29 Luna by joycall3 Luna :iconjoycall3:joycall3 237 7 Luna by O-l-i-v-i Luna :icono-l-i-v-i:O-l-i-v-i 385 36 Luna by CuteSkitty Luna :iconcuteskitty:CuteSkitty 3,166 197 Princess Luna by LeLittleLuna Princess Luna :iconlelittleluna:LeLittleLuna 1,631 132 She enjoys dressing up by red-poni She enjoys dressing up :iconred-poni:red-poni 706 38 My Little Poetry -Princess Luna- by snakeman1992 My Little Poetry -Princess Luna- :iconsnakeman1992:snakeman1992 57 8 My Little Poetry -Rarity- by snakeman1992 My Little Poetry -Rarity- :iconsnakeman1992:snakeman1992 96 26 Nightmare Moon by Sa1ntMax Nightmare Moon :iconsa1ntmax:Sa1ntMax 711 82

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A focus group to all things Luna and Rarity, from fan art to crossovers, to comics. Lunarity won't care. Keep it within the rules of DA.

We also accept work regarding OC's, other characters (Mane or not)
Founded 3 Years ago
Mar 27, 2014


Group Focus
Luna and Rarity

40 Members
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Rule it Out: Submission Guidelines

Hello! We the admins of this group would like to take the time to list the guidelines for submitting to the folders. The proper folders, that is.
  1. This is pony focus group, of course. Dedicated to the two mares with the most; the Dramatic Diamond in the Rough Rarity as well as the Hammy Herald of the Night Princess Luna. While they remain our focus, variants of the characters (Nightmare, bat, country, etc.) are perfectly welcome. So long as it's still either of them, they're still the same ponies we love.
  2. We accept all mediums and quality of work. In fact, regardless of whether or not you are a professional with a career in art or just picking up a pencil to draw your favorite (we hope our favorite as well) pony, it is welcome with open arms here.
  3. We accept all styles, forms, and range of art. It doesn't have to necessarily be a picture; if you want to submit a fanfic, animation, comics, typography, cosplay, et cetera... then please do! As long as it places Rarity or Luna within the work in a noticeable manner, it's good to go! ...Em, of course, there are other folders for non-focus characters, of course. ^^'
  4. I'm sure all groups will say this; please try to submit to the proper folder! I (QwixLochflow) am managing the submissions, and am perfectly willing to correct the errant submission. We all mis-click (or it was the mouse's fault for being possessed. Or Spike did it. <.<) and I understand. But if I notice there's a recurring problem with mis-submissions from anypony specific, then I will send you a note asking you to please use your eyes correctly. Which brings me to rule 5...
  5. If you either can't decide what folder to submit yours to or think there's no folder for your work, then please send QwixLochflow or Akumu2200 a note or leave a comment and link on the main Lunarity page about your potential submission! We will work with you to ensure there's a home for it; make a new folder, point you in the right direction, and such!
  6. There is a Mature folder for a reason. Different people have different sensibilities, and we wish to respect that. But sometimes a normally mature element subdued and out of focus can add to a composition's atmosphere. So we are establishing a "threshold" for mature themes that will indicate what will always go in the Mature folder and what may pass under the radar.
    • Sexual themes. A lustful glance or flirty quip isn't that harmful, so your mileage may vary. Ponies making out, ponies "displaying" themselves, and some depictions of shipping may fall in there, depending on the individual submission. Send a note to an admin if you are wondering. We will decide if it's within the boundaries or not if you can't decide.
    • Nudity. Nudity has its own gradations similar to sexual themes, seeing as how they go hand in hand. If there is exposed genitalia, then it goes in Mature, no contest. I know all ponies are naked as default (this heading is more applicable to Anthro art), but realistically portraying that humanizes them.
    • Blood. Again, mileage may vary. We believe in emotional expression within art and blood can help establish that, but it does disturb some people even in the smallest amounts. Which means anything even close to resembling gore is auto goes in the Mature folder.
    • Death. If a pony is dead and we can clearly see it, then BAM! it goes in the Mature folder. No gradations on this one, besides perhaps undead ponies of many colors. It depends on the exact depiction. If you think something undead can be placed in another folder besides the Mature folder, then we ask you notify either admin first.
    • Drug and Alcohol references. The show itself does sneak a surprisingly large amount of crap past the radar; if they can do it, so can you. Not that we're necessarily encouraging that sort of thing, but we won't bite for there being small references here and there. But like the death threshold, if we can clearly see the pony is drunk or high (on whatever), then it goes in the Mature folder.
  7. Again, I (Qwix) am managing the submissions for the most part; if you need to contact either admin for questions about the group, submissions, or anything else, I am far more likely to answer quicker.
  8. Spirit! That's what matter's the most! It isn't a guideline, but personally from I to you, put your spirit into your work! Even if you think no one may like it, merely acting on your imagination makes you a better artist! And if you keep taking only small steps towards perfecting your skills, remember that even pennies have their worth. Enough of them make your soul a rich one!
  10. Just for there to be a round 10 rules, this is a rule. Er. Ruler, that is. Luna demands there be cake and muffins for all. That is the royal rule now.


By all means, there are more ponies to admire out there!

There's a plush giveaway going on :iconlaurilolly-crafts:'s page; go enter!

So what's up to win?

A plush of one of the Mane 6, any other pony form the show, or of their own OC! (provided it has no more than 2 colors in it's mane)

Don't miss out; the giveaway ends on the 25th! You pay no shipping, international shipping included!

:D More details in the link! :D
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